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  • 680,000+ inspiring, hand-crafted templates, themes & assets.
  • Powered by a community of independent designers.
  • Unlimited downloads for a single fee.
  • One simple commercial license for all content.
  • A fairer approach to revenue share.
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  • Trusted by 84,121+ customers.
  • Unlimited Sites.
  • 30 days refund policy.
  • Get unlimited access to theme updates and support during your membership.
  • faster and easier to install.
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  • Beautiful, professional WordPress themes with a minimal and clean design.
  • 28,000 happy customers and get access to our full collection of themes.
  • Built in page builder in every theme.
  • Flow seamlessly on all screen sizes, including tablets and mobiles.
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  • Best WordPress Themes and Plugins.
  • Simply, Elegant and easy to use themes.
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  • Modern design,translation ready.
  • 90,000 + websites on these themes.
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SBS101's Rating 8.7 out of 10 Stars

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  • 14 Days Money Back.
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  • free exchange of template.
  • Website templates made by professionals with 8+ years of work experience.
  • Buying a template, you get HTML & PSD source files along with documentation and can customize them.
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SBS101's Rating 8.4 out of 10 Stars

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  • Just some of the reasons 250,000+ users choose athemes.
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  • 42,699 WordPress Themes & Website Templates.
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  • The creative eco-system with over 35,000 designers.
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  • Choose templates for infographics, webpages, logos, online stores and more
  • Product launches, discounts, and updates from shops you follow.
  • Learn, share, and connect with a community of like-minded creators.
  • Search for more than 7,500 themes for business and personal websites, landing pages, and blogs.
  • Download unlimited assets to elevate your work.
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  • Help you kickstart the development of webapps and sites.
  • WrapBootstrap is a marketplace for premium Bootstrap templates and themes.
  • Impress your clients and visitors while using a single, rock-solid foundation.
  • Templates and themes based on the Bootstrap framework.
  • Money back guarantee.
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Best Website Templates Providers 2018

Website Templates are one of the most important aspects of web design. The right web template is critical to the success of your online business. That is why you need to choose the Best Website Template Provider that can help you pick the best suited web template that complements your industry. Here we have selected 10 Best Website Template Providers 2018, helping you choose the one that can meet your need in the best possible way. Cheap website template options are also available for those who wish to save while choosing the best services for their website. We will also help you find html5 templates, website themes, as well as wordpress themes.

What to Expect from the Best Website Template Providers?

The Best Website Template Providers are dedicated to providing you designs for your website. They have hundreds of website design templates in store to offer you as well as tons of features that help you manage your website. Whether you are looking for HTML templates or blogger template, these service providers can cater to all your needs.

Why Web Templates Matter…?

Website Templates determine how your website will appear to the visitors. They also decide the navigation process. Templates are designed carefully considering a number of factors such as color, layout, and fonts in order to give it a striking look and make it stand out among others. While a custom web design template can be very costly, standards web templates can be great for those who don’t have big budgets. The Best Web Template Providers have huge collections of templates that make finding and selecting the perfect one effortless.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Web Template

Choosing the right web template ensures that you are giving the right impression to your visitors. The Best Web Template Providers offer the best design options to suit your particular need. They are affordable as well as efficient so you can count on them without thinking twice. We have got a comprehensive list of the Top Web Template Providers for you. But before you move on and make up your mind, check out the factors that you need to consider when it comes to Web Design Templates:

Clear Layout

Clear Web Templates have a 47% Usability Improvement

Whenever you need to make a decision about a web template design make sure it is clear. All successful websites have clean and clear design. Statistics show that successful websites with a clear layout have a 47% usability improvement. If your website is not clear, if it does not allow a visitor to skim through it and find the information fast, your visitor will certainly say good bye to your website and move on.


While choosing a web template you must try to opt for templates that offer flexibility. The reason is that templates will restrict what you can do with your site. That is why you need to choose one with care. Look for templates that can be altered to suit your need rather than choosing ones with little or no choices.

Responsive Design

Go for web templates with responsive design. Responsive design is extremely flexible and helps you resize your website layout depending on the screen size of the visitor. It means users with different devices will have no issue viewing your website. It will look perfect on laptop screen as well as on the screen on your smartphone or tablet. Responsive web templates will maintain the same image quality, typefaces, and navigational options across all devices.

Benefits of the Best Website Template Providers

While there are many Web Templates Providers, you must only go for the best service provider. There are many benefits that you can enjoy by getting in touch with the Best Web Template Providers.

The Best Web Template Providers offer Easy Set-Up

What differentiates an ordinary web template or a great one is the easy set-up. The best web template services offer templates that come with lots of built-in functionality, widgets, and other options that make setting it up much easy. They also offer flexibility when it comes to the template design.

The Best Web Template Provider are Affordable

The Best Web Template Services will not require you to rob the bank. They are pretty affordable. It means you can save considerable money by choosing the top web template provider. The cost of the templates quite low and when you have built-in features it means you can save even more. Custom web templates, on the other hand, can be very costly. So be smart by choosing the best web template provider that can offer you the most powerful design choices saving both time and money.

The Best Web Template Providers Offer Plenty of Options

The need of every online business is different from the other. That is why the best web template offer plenty of choices. They allow you to choose from a variety of template options to suit your particular need and industry.

The Best Web Template Providers Help You Have Built-In Functionality

The built in functionality of a website template is a great plus. The Best Web Template Providers offer many built-in features that help you explore many options in terms of design and functionality. Having built-in functionalities thus save your money and time as well as they save you from going through hassle in website management.

SBS101Solutions’ List of the Best Web Template Providers 2018

SBS101Solutions is your partner in all your online business endeavors. We know you deserve the best digital tools to ensure a thriving online business. Our experts always come up with the best listing offers the most reliable digital solutions. Here we have for an Exclusive List of the Best Website Template Providers 2018 including Cheap WordPress Themes for your website. Check out what the top players can do for your business:

Elegant Themes

Offering a whopping 680,000+ powerful, hand-crafted templates and themes, Elegant Themes sits at the top of our list. It makes one of the best web template provider with countless design options to suit your online business. The platform is powered by a community of independent designer and offers unlimited downloads.


Trusted by 84,121+ customers around the planet, Themify is another great web template provider that can help you enjoy excellent web templates. They offer ease of use as well as installation with 30 days refund policy.

PM Coding

If you are craving for a clean design PM Coding can be your best bet. Offering tons of beautiful and professional WordPress themes, it is one of the Best Web Template Providers around with 28,000 happy customers. You can get built in page builder in every theme in addition to responsive designs that are the need of the day.

The Final Thought

The choice of the right web template provider can make all the difference in your online business. Only if you opt for the Best Web Template Provider you will be able to benefit from the best design options and services that will ensure seamless operations and visibility of your website. Go through our list of the Best Web Template Services and compare your choices to make a well-informed decision.