4 SEO hacks every startup should try

4 SEO hacks every startup should try

4 SEO hacks every startup should try

Starting an Online business is becoming a trend nowadays with more and more people engaged in the idea of having an online reputation. Having said that it is also important to fight competition and stay ahead for which search engine marketing is done which helps improve a business ranking placing it above others. For effective SEO a business can try the following hacks which can help with rankings and at the same time attract organic traffic.

Make use of SEO tools which are free

 Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of online marketing is the availability of online digital tools and online digital resources which can help boost the business. There will be SEO tools which will not be free but there will be many which will be and a business should not ignore the free availability of these tools. Some examples of free SEO tools are Google Analytics, Google gadgets, Google webmaster tools, keyword planner, Mozbar, SEO workers analysis tools, Woorank and Quicksprout. Through these tools, insights can be generated and a business can get a detail on how much traffic is organic and how much is through paid reach. The business can then, based on the data generated work on areas which need improvement.

Write blogs

Blogs can be very useful for establishing communication between the customer and the business and besides this they can also be useful for creating backlinks. Blogs are all about informative content in which relevant keywords to the business should be used so that people can easily search the business online and look into what the company has to offer. Content which is well structured, informative and persuasive should be used to make sure that readers can get knowledge out of it since it is an online digital guide. For best results, content marketing tools can be employed so that good quality content can be produced. Curated content can be used when writing a blog, besides this SEO tools can help provide information on which keywords are most searched and which aren't so that only those are used.

Make use of infographics

Visual content which includes the use of pictures is likely to receive more views than one which doesn't hence it is advised a startup business works on infographics to attract traffic. However, infographics are more useful for providing factual information than for the promotion of a product.

Encourage people to comment

Creating a customer business interaction online is important as it not only helps build the trust of the customers but also allows them to ask queries and provide suggestions as well as review the business.  Also often if customers like your post and share it this allows for conversions to happen. However, it is important to respond to customers when they comment on your posts since if you don't they are likely to move to another website where the response rate is quick.