10 Most Common Web Hosting Problem

10 Most Common Web Hosting Problem

10 Most Common Web Hosting Problem

Have you ever owned a website or are you thinking of creating one? You need to be clear of one thing that while it might seem easy but its is not. You cannot make your own websites as such if you do not have technical knowledge. In that case you need to get help from professional web hosting providers.

The best website builders can make the job easy for you by making a website for you and providing you with hosting services as well. However, it is important for you to know some of the problems that you may face in the world of web hosting. Being aware will help you remain safe from the pitfalls. No matter if you opt for cheap web hosting or any plan such as VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Word press hosting or any other plan, having an idea of the issues that you may can play a great role in saving you from trouble.

Price Scamming

It is said you always get a good package at higher rates so this factor is the step one to choose your web hosting service provider but always be clear in every majority lies a minority so in the rarest of cases this point might not help you much but for that you need surf over the website completely before finalizing your decision. In the process of selection do not rush for cheap solutions as the realities at the behind are totally different and in the long run they won’t let you reach your target that easily.

Irritating Service Issues

You’ll get the type of service by the quantity of amount you pay. So be very careful while choosing. The free service provider might seem attractive to you when you are a beginner but in the long run, you yourself will be irritated by the type of things they put on your site in return of giving you free services. Things like ads and commercial popups will be blown over your site and users won’t like it and your website turnover will face a big downfall which you would definitely not want to happen to you. So your long run need should always match the plan you take.

Website Updated Changes Don’t Appear

It is the most common issue faced by a majority of websites but being very thankful, this one problem is the easiest to be cured. What you need to do is simply clear the cache of your browser and then reload it again. If it doesn’t work then that means a problem might lie in the web hosting directory of your website. So then contact the provider for immediate support.



Visitors never wait for long to let your site load and in reality, they simply switch. This depends on the web hosting providers plan, if you are on a shared plan then you are in a huge trouble for speed. Always be aware of your server location as it is said the closer you are the better speed you get.

Cache Clearance

Always clear your cache as it resets your browser and it is the most common solution to all the problems.

Sudden Website Unavailability

This is the scariest factor of all the enlisted, but it only happens due to an internal error or when you switch to a new web hosting provider. It might be there is an issue in your domain name, for that you need to contact your provider immediately to look up for the issue and resolve it.

Power Failure

The world of internet has given much comfort to your life and has enabled you to see across the continents by sitting on your couch. You can provide services to people by just sitting at your home. If you plan to provide web hosting services over the internet then first you need to locate your server and seek shared service hosting providers that will provide you your space as per the charges you pay. But the most important of all you should have a power backup as in case of power failure you don’t loosen up your data.

Unlimited Bandwidth Scam

Bandwidth is essential features of any website. Those that claim to offer unlimited bandwidth is a total hoax and no such thing exists so when you see that, be very clear it’s a scam.

Customer Service Advantage

This factor is a clear reflection of the quality of web hosting service.  In case your server crashes down immediately contact the technical support and get it fixed.

Money Back Guarantee

Always read the terms and conditions before finalizing your provider so that you are totally clear at the time of signing up that what you are going to get. In the majority of plans, there is always a money back guarantee within 90 days so do keep a check on that as well.
You must be pretty clear about the Do’s and Don’ts now so that you don’t fall prey in this virtual world where you won’t be able to get help as things are not one on one physically. What do you think then?