5 Limitations of Digital marketing | sbs101solutions

5 Limitations of Digital marketing | sbs101solutions

5 Limitations of Digital marketing | sbs101solutions

Although Digital marketing is the new way to advertise there are restrictions involved which make it less effective. If online marketing provides with benefits there are drawbacks involved as well. Online marketing is, by all means, the next big thing, in fact, it is already a thing as a wide number of people are using it. However, despite the advantages, there are limitations which may act as a barrier for marketers and can prevent them from succeeding. They are as follows

Nothing is free of cost, not even online marketing

Most people have the perception that digital advertising and digital branding isn't costly when in reality it is. The digital advertising tools that companies make use of involving a high cost as do the software and hardware. For every software being used, there is a fixed cost that a company has to pay in order to keep the software running. Besides this online marketing requires consultation with digital marketing agencies that provide digital marketing tips and manage online pages at an agreed cost. Furthermore, experts dealing and managing online pages charge a good amount and if a business itself wants to learn online marketing then there will be a cost of taking a digital marketing course online.

The trust factor in Online marketing

The thing with traditional marketing ways is that there is a trust factor, even though the Internet is a safe medium still people prefer traditional marketing ways over online marketing in some cases. In cases where luxury goods are involved the internet cannot be chosen as a medium of purchase. Take the example of a car which simply whose purchase decision simply can't be made by getting information from a website and will require live interaction between the consumer and the seller. Although a website can be used to provide information regarding the specification, a purchase decision would only be made when the seller and the buyer meet.

The issue of Internet fraud and cybercrime

The safety of Internet marketing is still a question as every day we get to hear about cybercrime and internet fraud which makes people want to rely on traditional ways rather than online marketing.

Website breakdown and no internet access

Online marketing rotates around the availability of internet and if the internet isn't available people can't get access. It should be noted that everyone doesn't have internet hence a business has to indulge in traditional methods.  There is also the issue of literacy as everyone isn't tech savvy and requires some sort of knowledge in order to operate the internet. Also if there is an issue with the functioning of the website, a business may lose out on sales.

Continuous updating required

A website needs to be updated often on a daily basis because customers expect the business to be dynamic and flexible. There will queries that need to be dealt with timely, for which a 24-hour customer service needs to be present. If a website is outdated customers may shy away and will not want to purchase.