7 Website Performance Indicators You Should Effectively Monitor

7 Website Performance Indicators You Should Effectively Monitor

7 Website Performance Indicators You Should Effectively Monitor

Knowing how to monitor and easily track your website performance checking is a crucial way to be in charge of your web activities. It is important you constantly get your website problems checked. When you receive deafening warnings about minor aspects of your website continually, chances are you might leave the crucial part of it unchecked. To be in charge, therefore, you should decide exactly what to monitor in your website in order to get optimum results.

Below are some overall performance indicators every business or website owners should monitor so as to be on top of the games.

  • Database Performance

If the contents of your website are strong, interesting and compelling you should pay special attention to this. Most especially, when the contents are drawn from a database, examine if you have the expected values. If the results contain some error messages, do not hesitate to set the alert in that regard.

  • Error Messages

Scrutinize your web pages with profound attention to details. Check for errors on every single page and create an alert if you notice “Error 404” or its equivalence in the source code.

  • Page Speed

It’s no news that internet users are so much concerned about how fast they can get what they want. If your web page is very slow, chances are that users will not wait till it fully loads. Perhaps, they might not check again. Ping request; which measures the time it takes your website to load from your location and web source downloading time measurement could be great means to check your page speed.

  • Full Page Load Period

Getting to know the time it takes you to completely load a web page including features like images, videos, and others on a web browser place you in control. Network Monitoring Tool and Sensors such as PRTG can help you measure the overall time it takes to fully download web pages and all its other entrenched elements such as images and so on. Check this out!

  • Uptime

It is important you take personal responsibility in monitoring the availability of your website. This will tell how familiar you are with it. From different locations and sources, check the uptime of your crucial pages.

  • Geographic Performance

If your company has a global influence with large customer database all over the world and active round the clock, it is highly advisable for you to monitor your web speed and availability from different geographical locations. This step can help you to be easily visible by a wide range of audience from a different part of the world without any limitation.

  • Website Visitors

In order for you to make calculated and wise decisions for your website in the future, it is very important you know the numbers of visitors checking your website per time. If there is the great influx of visitors, this tells you that, you have to step up your game to accommodate more. However, if you notice the decline in numbers, it is a pointer to certain issues to address. Using certain analytics tools and counters could provide way out.

  • The Bottom Line

Monitoring your website performance indicators regularly can help improve your website. This goes beyond setting alert or noticing minor problems. You need to review the monitoring data always and boost your website quality and performance.

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