Common Things You Need to Know About Domain Names

Common Things You Need to Know About Domain Names

Common Things You Need to Know About Domain Names

Are you looking to set up your online store? When you want your brand to appear online, the first thing is to get a domain name. Doing some homework can always help before you actually buy domain so take your time and learn about the basics of domain and domain names before you take the plunge.

What Exactly is a Domain Name?

A domain name is basically a key title of your business that gives it its identity. Domain names are actually IP addresses that float in the database for computers understanding. These domain names are set by procedures and rules of DNS (Domain Name System). It also helps you grow as it is a good digital advertising tool.

How Much Does a Domain Name May Cost?

The prices of domain name and plans may vary, but there are cheap domain registration options that may cost you as low as $.99 per year. You may opt to pay for a year or two depending on your own preference and budget. The best domain registration providers allow you to get a name for your website fast and easy.

Extensions for Your Domain Name

There are different extensions from which you can choose for your domain name. other than .com, now newer and more exciting options are available for those who wish to add interest to their ecommerce store or website. While there are hundreds of extensions to choose from, we will talk about the most popular options and when you should use them:

  • .com (commercial). .Com is the most common type of extension, but it is used for all kinds of websites now.
  • .net (network). At first this extension was used for networked websites, but now it is used for a number of other purposes as well.
  • .org (organization). As you may have guessed these extensions are designed for organizations. You may also go for these in case your website is for a nonprofit company.
  • .edu (education). .edu is used colleges and educational institutions.
  • .info (information). If your website is information based, .info can make the perfect choice.

How to Choose a Domain Name

A number of factors have to be taken into consideration while deciding upon your domain name.

  1. Your business and industry. One of the most important things to consider while choosing a domain name is your business and industry. Your domain name should complement your industry.
  2. Your budget. You must have an idea of how much you are willing to spend on a domain name. Some domain names are cheaper while others can be very costly. Those of you who are looking for cost effective solutions can find cheap domain registration options.
  3. Your target audiences. If you are into music business the domain name should be such that it would attract music lovers. Likewise, if your business is of more serious nature, it should be aimed to appeal to the serious audiences.
  4. Before you make a domain purchase or pick your domain name make sure you follow these pointers. They will help you save both money and time.