Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: Which one to choose?

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: Which one to choose?

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: Which one to choose?

With advancement in technology, a lot has changed even the ways of advertising. Digital marketing is now a popular and preferred way of advertising as it helps reach out to a wider consumer base in a very cost-effective manner. Digital advertising has replaced traditional marketing ways as businesses have started to engage in digital branding. For a business, profit is the motive and this can only happen when their cost is minimized. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of marketing and decide on which is a better means of advertising.

Traditional marketing

Ad's we see in newspapers, magazines, televisions, billboards etc are all part of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing can best cater to your local market as only people within that area can view it. With print ads available people can view your offering again and again as they can keep that particular material with themselves. This form of marketing is easier to interpret for the targeted audiences as they are already exposed to the strategy hence don't find any difficulty in understanding what the business wants to say.

However, there are drawbacks involved with traditional marketing ways the very first being cost. This type of marketing is very costly and time-consuming not to mention tiring as you will have to visit different marketing agencies to get it done. The ads that are to be placed involve a cost, ads being displayed on the television (which have a limited time frame) involve a cost and ads displayed on billboards also involve a cost.  There are other factors also involved such as limitations on content that will be displayed and the time limit in case of television ads. All these barriers won't give you a chance to advertise your product properly and talk about specifications in detail. Also, traditional marketing remains contained to a specific region not catering to a large market.

Digital marketing deals with all drawbacks in traditional marketing ways and helps you target not just on a national but international level. It helps identify latest trends and design a campaign accordingly which will help bring interested customers. This form of marketing can be carried out by the business itself as it is not as complicated as it seems. A business can take a digital marketing course online and even receive digital marketing tips from already established businesses.  The promotion of products via social media platforms is perhaps the most effective form of advertising and buzz marketing takes place and feedback from customers is obtained. The business can also employ digital advertising tools to add a touch of creativity to social media posts and capture consumer interests. Besides this, there is customer business relationship that provides business with a benefit. Emails can be sent to customers to keep them informed and updated. Blogs can be written talking about your offerings in details and giving the customers all the required information they need. Results regarding customer following can be tracked then and there without any paperwork involved.

The above-mentioned views reflect the attributes each marketing form holds, however, it should be noted that both go hand and hand. You will come across businesses that despite having an online reputation still employ traditional marketing ways as well.