Five Common SEO Mistakes of E-commerce Websites

Five Common SEO Mistakes of E-commerce Websites

Five Common SEO Mistakes of E-commerce Websites

This is the first post in a sequence of articles about ‘SEO for e-Commerce Websites” where I will deliver you with some real examples on how to SEO your e-commerce website for supreme visibility in the SERPS.  You can use this connection to subscribe to my newsletter and obtain all updates in your inbox.

1 – Product titles are not exceptional or SEO optimized

Product titles are very vital for on-page SEO. I did clarify in the past why titles have to be optimized and from my experience with the online store website, this is still the number 1 mistake that most webmasters do.

  • What are the physiognomies of a good product title?
  • Less than 70 characters
  • Exclusive within the website, no other creation in the store has the similar title
  • Be revealing on what the product is about

Talk the user’s language the product title would include keywords or idioms that folks use to search for the specific product and not the practical name of a product.

2 – Lack or duplicate product descriptions

Also the title another significant part of e-commerce SEO is the creation account. A dangerous SEO mistake that most websites do is either having no product descriptions or if they have is the same content you can find on 100s of other websites on the web. Try to make an exclusive description to get your product crawled.

3 – Bad formatted URLs

When thinking about your URL construction try to make it founded on your product groups or groups. For example, if you are marketing android tablets and phones you can have the following category URLs:

  • The URLS should be appropriately produced to meet the SEO obligation.

4 – Website takes too much time to load

As an e-commerce web owner you need to make certain that your shop loads as fast as possible (preferably in less than 4 seconds), both on desktops, mobiles and. tablets

5 – Lack of usability

All the overhead SEO mistakes are connected to one thing: usability. Factual SEO is about usability, user sociability, and user knowledge and to make sales online, your shop has to be usable. This depends on many issues but in general, an online shop should be:

  • Easy to direct
  • Fast
  • Mobile Receptive
  • SEO Welcoming
  • Well designed
  • Conclusion

Selling products and facilities online is what makes the Internet so influential and useful for all of us. While the impression of selling on the Internet is attractive to many, when it comes to essentially do it, it needs a lot of thought and hard work to generate a shop that people will trust and use.

The five SEO mistakes designated above are distinctive errors that many corporate owners do and that damagingly affect the presentation of their online corporate.