How Does Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step

When it comes to advertising we know that digital marketing now involves a lot of new techniques. Affiliate marketing is also a very effective way.

In this digital advertising, you can use approachable way in which you promote the product of any other company on your website. If any person purchases the product on your referring, you will get a commission in return.

In affiliate marketing, there are three main components

  •  Advertiser

If you are willing to pay other people and want digital advertisement of your product or brand then you will be an advertiser.  An advertiser could be anyone who wants to sell anything, It could be any company,  any service or any product.

  • Publisher

It is an individual or any company who actually promotes advertisers product or any service in exchange for earning money as commission. Advertiser and publisher do agree for this on a contract basis. The publisher can promote advertisers product in any way say in links form, banner or text ads, images or unique phone numbers.

  • Consumer

Now the final one who completes the cycle of affiliate marketing relationship. The one, who sees the ad and it seizes the attention to click on that add- or filling the form or any other requirement, will be a consumer for you.
On visiting of publishers website user clicks on advertisers ad, visitors browser receives the CJ tracking cookie which basically recognizes the merchant, the publisher, commission amount and the specific creative. All this data will be stored within the link information called "parameters". It also can include more secret data used for attribution.


We can summarise all this in a few easy steps for clarity.

I.    People online want to buy an item.

II.    He lands on an affiliate website which is showing items he/she wants.

III.    Clicking on that ad He will be redirected to the merchant's site.

IV.    The person finally purchases what he was looking for and the advertiser gives commission to the affiliate for his efforts.

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