How has Digital marketing changed over the years?

How has Digital marketing changed over the years?

How has Digital marketing changed over the years?

Over the years digital marketing has gained popularity and has become the new medium of advertising. Traditional marketing ways have been replaced by digital advertising and have become a must-have for today's businesses. If you aren't part of the digital age nor are you adopting the latest methods you are most likely to be left behind. With advancement in technology a lot has changed and with globalization on the rise consumer reach has been widened. Businesses now target globally rather than a particular segment. Discussed below are some reasons that put light on how online marketing has changed over the past 10 years.

Social media is no longer a platform for chatting

Initially, social media was used as a means of chatting and liking each other's pictures. With the passage of time, this trend changed and it became a platform for promoting businesses. Brands had their own Facebook pages which they were using to advertise and inform customers. Facebook became a means of digital branding and paved way for brands to tap a wider market without having heavily invested. Social media nowadays has become a crucial part of marketing strategy and every business is involved in it. From Twitter, Youtube to LinkedIn businesses are making use of these platforms to build connections with customers globally.

The concept of Digital marketing agencies emerged

Earlier digital marketing agency didn't exist but now since online marketing has become part of the marketing strategy, these agencies to have been developed. The main aim of these agencies is to build websites, manage social media pages and give businesses an online reputation. They even provide with digital marketing tips and consultation so as to guide all those still naive to the concept of online marketing. These agencies do online marketing on behalf of businesses and help them catch a wider customer base.

Development of online marketing tools

With the concept of digital age, tools assisting online marketing also were developed to assist in producing good quality results and helping with the marketing purposes. These tools also gather insights and provide with valuable customer information based on which further work can be done. Besides this even search engines updated their functions and were providing with patterns based on which strategies were designed and made. Google only displayed relevant results and provided with requirements businesses needed to fulfill in order to improve rankings.

Marketing ways became more focused

Previously marketers were carrying out marketing without having done a proper research and without having a proper research conducted since gathering information at this point wasn't so easy but with the passage of time, this changed. Marketers learned to operate more efficiently and effectively as online marketing gave them the opportunity to tap a market based on demographics so that interested consumers could be catered to rather than targeting everyone. This way there was a better understanding of consumers and what they wanted. Strategies could be designed accordingly and better results produced.