Latest Trend between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

Latest Trend between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

Latest Trend between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad term that describes a set of marketing processes that use all digital channels available to promote a product or service, or build digital brands. Marketing Digital marketing has come a successful transition from the traditional paper and newspaper advertisements on Facebook and PPC campaigns.

Channels that make up a digital marketing including website, social media platforms, placing banner ads, email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards and other digital basis.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a subset of digital marketing. In fact, it is an important component because most digital marketing activities fall in terms of internet marketing.

The main channel is internet marketing:

Website - or a personal website or a web page or even a personal blog hosted on a shared platform. To many campaign website is the starting point and destination /

Search Marketing (SEM) - Search marketing is the basis of Internet marketing consists of two main activities, optimization and PSA.

In Short:

  • SEO has to do with search engine optimization techniques to reach high rankings in the search engines. Has two main components: On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
  • Paid Search Advertising (PSA) about getting to come by placing ads on the search engine.
  • So search marketing has to do with the method of promotion related to search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing - Social media marketing is a component of Internet marketing and the center of attention for the last few years.
  • Content Marketing - In the past, when we talked about the basic SEO is link building, but the trend has changed from 2011 and a new content marketing optimization.
  • E-mail marketing - Email is not dead, but rather it is one of the most important in any digital marketing campaign.

In terms of marketing, email marketing is the process of collecting email addresses from people interested in the products or services in order to keep track of news or offers.

  • Mobile Marketing - More and more users use their mobile phones to find the Internet to engage in social media, or to find a product or service to buy.
  • Mobile marketing is about creating content or advertising that could be debated and suitable for mobile devices.
  • Banner Advertising - You can find banners in almost all web properties, i.e. external, mobile websites, mobile applications, search engines, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The findings are especially important:

  • Marketing budgets represent 10% of total revenues of the company and is expected to rise 6% in 2013
  • Digital marketing is ¼ overall marketing costs
  • 50% of digital marketing activities are outsourced (if you remember to outsource, make sure that you do not really, without spending a fortune)
  • The event is the most important digital marketing: the Web (Web pages), social media marketing and digital advertising
  • Investment Top Digital Marketing will be made e-commerce, social media marketing, content creation and marketing mobile.


It is important to understand Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing and not the other things. When it comes to digital marketing, internet marketing is essentially thinking plus SMS, WebTV and digital advertising.

It was clear that the company was named in honor of the importance of social media as a marketing tool and there is also a clear turn to the content and mobile marketing.