Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2 Minutes

Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2 Minutes

Learn Search Engine Optimization in 2 Minutes

Search Engine Optimization is basically focusing on the process of visibility of your website in organic search engine results. It actually helps you drive creative elements, technical handlings and increased awareness in search engines, additional traffic to improve your rankings. It helps you to amplify organic or you can say unpaid traffic. SEO not only works for search engines to help you rank on top in search results instead it is also good for the people too. We need to assure that what we are providing according to SEO is useful to our users as well.

If you have your own website and you are yet not successful in bringing users on your website. It clearly means you have to work seriously on digital marketing tools. SEO includes a lot of digital tools online to avail best results absolutely free. You just need to comprehend the usage of these tools.

Here we will highlight those useful tactics that will facilitate newbie's to start working on their own and generate good organic traffic for free.

Initial Setup

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Webmaster tools.
  • Create a link to Google Analytics and Google webmaster.
  • Create a responsive design of your website which is rich in friendliness with mobiles, gadgets and different mediums.

Keyword Research

  • Performing keyword research is very crucial, because when you are generating content; you should know that, your keyword research will tell you about how much people are looking for that particular keyword in Google.
  • Long tail keywords give you more chances to be on top in search results.

Content Optimization

  • It's not enough that you are done with your keywords research, titles, tags and body etc. There is much more work you need to perform. 
  • You need to provide useful information in the form of content to engage your users.
  • Do share it or link this content on other social platforms like face book, Twitter, Tumbler and many others as per your desire. These digital advertising tools drive good traffic on the website.

Digital Tools Online


  • Search engine optimization will be much easier if you have installed free plug-in and extensions. These online digital tools give you updates, statistics about your progress. Plugins are helpful when you are working on Word Press. Scribe and Yoast are used for SEO purpose in Word Press.
  •  Few of the extensions are MozBar, Alexa traffic rank, Keyword planner etc.


  • In this, you distribute different articles with optimized keywords, anchor text to other sites and achieve backlinks from good PR sites
  • You need to understand this if you do irrelevant back linking, Google algorithms got smarter so that they will penalize your website. So be careful while creating backlinks.

If you work on all these digital establishment tools, you are good enough to create your presence in top ranking sites very soon. But consistency is a very important part here. It is a highly competitive market. So you should update yourself with latest trends for stability.