Reasons of SEO failing

Reasons of SEO failing

Reasons of SEO failing

You hired an SEO firm a few months back. You hired them because they talked a nice talk, it looks like they know what they were doing, the results they promised to be great, and the price was right. Now you’re having buyer’s guilt. You’re not sure if you’re getting ripped off, but you’re not sure that’s not happening. Maybe they just don’t know what they’re doing. The problem is, you don’t know. Should you give them a limit? Should you ask questions? Should you get annoyed, demand outcomes, and get considered as the “difficult” consumer? Or should you trust them? But what if all that money is just going no-where? You don’t want to throw good money after bad.

If you feel this way, then your SEO firm is failing you. But the twist is that it may not be entirely their fault. You may be failing them, and yourself, as well.


Understand what SEO services are, and aren’t. SEO is not definite, immediate outcomes. SEO is slashing. Not the kind of hacking people do when they steal credit card numbers, but the kind of hacking people do to figure out how to solve problems. Because every state is different, an SEO firm can’t apply a proven formula to your situation.

  • Hire the right firm.
  • Set clear outlooks.
  • Don’t expect your firm to read your mind.
  • Make sure you work together to define what success will look like.
  • Ask your SEO firm how they define success, and let them know what results you want to see.
  • Recognize who the experts are.


Your SEO firm should be over collaborating with you, but just because they’re not doesn’t mean they’re not doing a good job on SEO. If you aren’t getting the info you want, ask for more. A reasonable firm will be happy to please.

Demand clearness, but don’t interfere

Sometimes your SEO firm may do things that confuse you. When this happen, don’t directly assume they’re not doing their job. Instead, ask questions. You may learn something new. If you can’t get a good answer, the right move likely isn’t to start telling your SEO firm what to do, but to find a new SEO firm. Your SEO firm should be pushing you, not the other way around. Then again, there is an opportunity you need to back off and let your SEO firm do their job. Verify, but believe.

Give it time

If your SEO firm knows what they’re doing then in most cases you should see “results” within the first one to two months. When I say results I don’t necessarily mean you’ll be selling more online or getting leads from your SEO campaign, but you should at least see efforts in your rankings.

How can I tell if I should fire my SEO firm?

Online marketing expert Neil Patel of kiss-metrics has an outstanding, in-depth article on how to know if your SEO firm is helping or aching you. Some of the ways he says you can tell if your SEO firm should be fired are if:

  • They have nothing to show
  • They don’t ask you for anything
  • They have no suggestions for improvement
  • They won’t share their techniques

These are revealing signs your SEO firm is accusing you money and not doing any work. If you’re protected into a long term agreement this should add to your doubt. But don’t react too quickly. Communicate your worries. If your firm replies within a month and cleans up their performance, then you might have a long, productive association ahead of you.

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