The Offline vs. Online Marketing Landscape

The Offline vs. Online Marketing Landscape

The Offline vs. Online Marketing Landscape

If there is a thing I have learned this year it is this: share a loosely useful interesting chart on social media networks and your boat will come in. With that in concentration, I have created yet another conception, this time devoted to multichannel marketing. There are so many dissimilar ways of reaching clients these days, and I wanted to deliver a really forthright overview of some of the most significant ways to market.

The Offline / Online Marketing Landscape

A few short-lived notes

I have probably overlooked to include some extremely obvious marketing network. Be sure to let me know when you plug it!

For the determinations of clearness, I have taken a wide-angled opinion. ‘Websites’ is a catch-all word that shelters a lot of retained media, and possibly a bunch of earned too. 'Stores' might be applicable to retailers, but not for other offline industries ('Offices'). Also, my focus is on networks/platforms, as contrasting to marketing methods).

If in distrust I will have placed a network in what I consider to be the most appropriate area, even if it could live somewhere else. Yes, PR can make leads, but it mainly targets to raise consciousness and positively shift customer observations.

Offline exists at the highest, and online is at the lowest. Do not read anything into that it is just the way I drizzled my thoughts onto the page. That said, offline publicity spend is still many times superior to online let's assume that it still works.

Although I’m on the topic of measurement: it is not always cool, particularly in an offline world. The most problematic area is the offline/brand side (TV, outdoor, print, radio,). It takes time, it needs the dark art of extrapolation, and it is not cheap. By difference, the online / sales side is much more forthright, much faster, and for that matter much more correct. I was going to exemplify this on the illustration, but it looked disordered, so I didn't.

Moving on to data, the offline/brand side doesn’t usually trouble with too much directing, while the online / sales side trusts on data to drive consequences. As TV evolves this should change, but for now, there is still a great deal of shotgun marketing going on. This doesn’t suggest that retargeting is perfect... it isn’t.

Note that mobile exists inside of everything. I confidently believe that mobile is the cement that binds online and offline networks together, and it is also the most likely solution to our headaches, the measurement should anybody want to answer the problem. I have also thrown 'Content' in there, as it is a network in its own right.

Some type styles are superior to others. Mainly this is to do with space restraints, and to distinguish one network from another, however, there is some semblance of meaning. Visual designers can give me a good thrashing in due course.

I initially categorized this diagram as a Venn diagram. Cleverer people than me have pointed out that this is essentially a Euler diagram. I hereby award you fifty points if you marked this. I stand amended and have tweaked the diagram accordingly.

Anyhow, I hope this show useful as a top-down sight of what is progressively complex multichannel marketing scenery. My coworker John suggested that in future it may look like a big gray ring, and he is probably right.