What are the best social media marketing campaigns of all time?

What are the best social media marketing campaigns of all time?

What are the best social media marketing campaigns of all time?


Facebook was accessible at Harvard in winter 2004 and in September 2006, everybody could join and within 3 years Facebook had 100,000 business pages. After 10 years of foundation, Facebook is now one of the giant of all media.
It is not all about Facebook of course, it’s about what are the best social media marketing campaigns of all time?
Old Spice man
In 2010, Old Spice made routine videos in which Isaiah Mustapha would address every single social media users, one-to-one. This social campaign tracked successful Super Bowl TV Ad and further sequel ads, which were either very famous on YouTube. 187 videos got 11m views and it cost $11.4m in total.

Bringing the technology in-house
Routine technology stage was established that could rehearse and bump into the needs of the campaign.

Effective use of data
Incorporating disparate facts sets reflects the connection of ecommerce multichannel facts. These facts helped OFA to determine which social media they should use to target demographics.

Creating a social media infrastructure
On the infrastructure side OFA moved out Dashboard, an instrument which altered the way the team related with its helpers.

GoPro's video of the day
GoPro has involved in customer base when it comes to content establishment, GoPro shares video in a perfect order.

Oreo’s swiftness
Oreo structures here for its complete activity instead of one campaign, the distribution of Oreo’s content is inspiring for a cookie. This level of sharing and earned media helps Oreo to generate brand attentiveness.

Cancer Research UK
In March 2014, almost all the users or 3 most famous social media networks were capturing selfies with no makeup and asking others to do the same. This was planned to raise awareness and cash fund for cancer. This was very reactive and good judgment marketing.
Ikea's Facebook showroom
Ikea in the essence of rebel marketing used picture tagging to run a race planned to promote its new store.
Innocent Drinks' Tweet and Eat Cheap
The ‘Tweet & Eat Cheap’ campaign was considered to promote veg pots. The discount on agreement increased with people who tweeted #tweetandeat. With the help of campaign awareness reached 11% that is greater than before.
Kern and Sohn Precision Scales
Kern wanted to rise their goodwill and profit in the education sectors. Kern wanted to send a troll around the globe in an aircraft case with a set of its scale to test the observations.e readability.