The spheres of social media monitoring could be so confusing to the uninitiated mind. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is in a way exposed to this broad subject at some points, this is a place for you. You will be taken to the basics of social media monitoring, address the associated concepts and get you moving.

What Then Is Social Media Monitoring?

In a lay man’s perspective, Social Media Monitoring is a way of using tools or software to follow what is being said online or through other social media sites without necessarily adopting the traditional system. Abbreviated simply as SMM and has series of synonyms fashioned out for it such as Online analyticsBuzz analyticssocial listeningonline analyticssocial media management and so on as it suits the platform concerned.

How Does This Work?

The way social media monitoring tools work is not difficult to come by. But at the same time requires some levels of understanding and technicalities.

Quite a lot of Social media monitoring tools work simply by crawling sites and google indexing them accordingly. For example, Twitter and some social media sites are crawled in real time while other websites are crawled in less frequency of time; let’s say every 10 minutes depending on their level of importance.

In the same vein, those sites could easily be searched once they are indexed. Social media monitoring makes you not to miss anything about your brands. This is one of the beauties of SMM.

SMM Goes Beyond Social networks

Yes. You heard it right! SMM coverage goes beyond social media. Don’t be misled by the term. In functions, most social media monitoring tools crawl a wide range of websites — ranging from Blogs, News sites, Forums, review sites in addition to the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and so on.

On a personal note, it’s very important you properly evaluate your tools before usage due to the variability of tools coverage from one regions and sites to another.

Data Collections and Usage

After you have collected loads of data and mentions from various sites, your next line of action is to examine them using specialized SMM tools. These tools help you:

Locate keywords that are closely related to your queries and offer trending words

Monitor clients feelings

Notify you of what others are saying about your brands

Compare statistical data gathered about your brands

Customize the dashboard with a series of graphs and so on.

The Overall Functions of SMM Tools

SMM tools always require you to first create your topics and queries to monitor. Boolean operators, a sophisticated tool can help you in simplifying complex threads so as for you to get the exact queries you are looking for.

Most stunning SMM tools help you search for a series of mentions of some exact keywords, websites, and some major social networks. They could also help you filter those mentions by time, influence, region, language, source and so on.

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