Ecommerce Platform Mistakes

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing the best online store builder is always a tricky task since there are so many who claim to offer the best services out there. There are numerous Ecommerce Website Builders that can help you have your online store so choosing one can be challenging. In addition, every platform offers different features and services, which may make things difficult for you as well. While there are many benefits of Ecommerce Store Providers, the choice of an online store has to be made with care or else you may make terrible mistakes that can prove to be disastrous for your online business.

Following are some of the most common mistakes that people generally make while selecting an ecommerce platform. Watch out for them!

1. Security must be priority

It must be your foremost responsibility to make your data secure. Your store provider must provide you with secure online store. There are only few shopping carts they can be believed as PA-DSS (Payment Application-Data Security Standard) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. If you are going to use any cart, then ask about their fraud protection rules and who is there to deal if any incident happens.

2. It must be easy to use

You must choose such platforms which handle the basics like adding such products which are optimized for search engines. There must be categories. Templates must be totally relevant and appropriate. Marketing strategies must be easy and comprehensive. Products should be distributed through different shopping engines. Free trial periods must be given. It will assure the quality of the product.

3. Be sure about scaling

Every business starts with a small amount of revenue. But after that it quickly multiplies further. For such businesses, growing platforms must be provided. You must make some queries to your ecommerce provider such as:

  • Will the features of this shopping cart grow with business requirements?
  • Will the designs and templates used need to be changed or demand me to fluctuate to another shopping cart?

4. Research method and continuity of service

Almost everyone pays heed towards efficiency and speed of the platform. But that’s the job of salesman. You should ask for their client services. Always look for customer reviews before choosing an ecommerce platform. Find out how consistent the services of your ecommerce store builder are.

5. Get acquainted with the fees

Don’t rely on such terms like “flat fee” or “flat percentage” etc. You must clear each and every aspect like set up fees, monthly fees, transactions, technical support fees etc. If you’re buying ecommerce software then confirm purchase price, development fees SSL certificate etc.

Whether you look for cheap online store builders or others, always remember to watch out for these mistakes or else you will have to save serious trouble.