HTML5 Template for Your Website

HTML5 Template for Your Website

Are you looking for the best website templates? Website templates are critical for your online presence. They determine your impression on the World Wide Web and help visitors reach out to you. Web templates can be of many types such as HTML5 template, blogger template and more. Templates for websites are basically web design templates or themes. They include the color, design, layout and other aspects of your website.

What is HTML5 template?

HTML5 template is the latest revision of HTML markup code. It is the code that is used to render webpages, text, video, etc, in web browser such as Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. It is published and updated by the W3C (Wide Web Consortium) and WHATWG. This type of template is used for all browsers on all desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. HTML5 is replacing HTML 4.01 standards at a fast pace.

Why HTML5 template?

HTML5 template can be best choice for your website. It is the markup that most websites are created in, or are updating to. As it is not fully supported in few older browsers that are being used even now the best HTML5 templates are designed to be backward compatible with the help of the latest W3C web design standards including HTML code, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

Difference between HTML5 and HTML 4.01

interstingly there is not much difference between HTML5 and the HTML 4.01. much hype around HTML5 is the implementation of "web standards", but these standards are not actually standards. The standard video and audio that was once considered as the strength of HTML5 actually is more of a weakness as HTML5 calls for at least 4 different video formats and 2 audio formats to play media in all browsers.

Reasons to choose HTML5 Template

HTML5 template can make a great choice for your website. Here are few reasons that make it a great option today:

Mobile Compliance

HTML5 template is great for mobile devices. Nowadays a vast majority of people use mobilde device for browsing. That is why it is important to have a template that supports all devices and HTML5 serves the purpose perfectly. The best HTML5 templates are built for optimal viewing on mobile devices, smartphones and tablet / computers, and work like a regular website on laptops and PCs.

Mashable HTML

As HTML5 is a subsume markup language, it is possible to add HTML5 code to older websites and "mashed" with the older HTML 4.01 code. The best website template providers ensure perfect website designs optimized for viewing in the various web browsers and mobile devices.

Making up your mind

When you have to make a choice of website template, make sure you consider HTML5 template so that you can enjoy responsive themes that are best suited for your business. You can find affordable deals by exploring cheap website templates including cheap wordpress themes and save money while finding the best theme for your website.